Welcome/Bienvenidos a mi blog

Fiore Yogini

It has always been difficult for me to write my Bio, because I don´t like labels, I like too many things to be confined by the boundaries of any one label. So I'll try my best to give you an idea of who I am…

I´ve been a wanderer since I was born, moving all the time. The idea that I was going to be in a new place always made me happy and excited, and when I started traveling internationally that sensation grew even stronger. I began to realize that the world was much bigger than I thought, full of people that were different from me, in their language, in their appearance, in their experience of life, and I loved to learn about them.

Yoga is another one of my passions that began when I was young, at age 13 I started going to yoga classes with my mom and I've never stopped. I also fell in love with dance, photography, and theater, which I studied in college. I wanted to do everything, but never knew how to combine it all. I think that’s why I love to work with kids, because I get to teach them all the things I love and they are so open to learning. I love to be a part of opening those gates of understanding in children's minds and watching them learn what they like. They are also so honest, they challenge me to be a better human being.

Traveling the world was a choice I made not because I was running away from something, but because I wanted to know more, feel more, live more. And hopefully find a way to share my experiences with people, to inspire people to do what they love, whatever that is. I´ve always encouraged my friends to do the same and now I want to do it with you. So that is the intention of this blog, to share my experiences and talk about everything from yoga to traveling, kids to living a healthy lifestyle, anything we find on our journey that can help us to become a better version of ourselves.

Fiorella Cosignani.